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Led Zeppelin "Stairway" Trial Begins in May

Would "Stairway To Heaven" still be the #1 song on our Top 1043 if you knew it was ripped off from another band? That's what members of the band Spirit claim. In 2014, the bassist for Spirit...
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Is This The Worst Shirt To Wear Before Going To Jail??

An Oklahoma man was busted for pot possession and intent to sell. Big. Deal. It happens all the time, in lots of states. But what makes his story so unique is the shirt he wore in his mugshot:...
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Beer and Wine Cost WHAT At The Super Bowl?!

As if spending $21,000 to see your favorite team play in the Super Bowl wasn't a lot of money, try dropping $25 on a glass of wine at Levi Stadium. Or $15 on a beer. A single, plastic cup of beer....
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Broncos Fan Soon To Be In Trouble With Wife

It's not every year your team makes it into the Super Bowl. Just ask Jets fans... So when your team does make it, you pull out all the stops. One Denver Broncos fan spent what he thinks will total...
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Big E's World Famous Super Big Game Chili

There are very few things that Big E, our boss and fearless leader, takes more pride in than his chili. Winning eating contests, running the Dartmouth luge (AKA The Baker Run), and maybe his kids....
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Phil Collins Takes A Look Back At His Music Now

Phil Collins just put out the first records from a solo career spanning retrospective, appropriately titled, "Take A Look At Me Now." Two of his many best-selling albums are out with extra...
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Tips for Saving Money on a Super Bowl Party

The mantra for throwing a Super Big Game party should be: Go big, or go home. Any less is a sign of weakness. Hit up that big box electronics store and buy the biggest flat screen you can...
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Mick Jones of Foreigner Remembers The First Time

Think about this. A British musician, who previously worked with the likes of Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, comes to the United States to start a band. He meets up with an American singer...
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Steven Tyler's Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Steven Tyler will be in a Super Bowl commercial for Skittles on Sunday night. Considering that a 30 second commercial during the game costs $4.5 million, why  any of these companies release...
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Stadium Crew Paints the Wrong End Zone for the Super Bowl

Well now we know who the ground crew at Levi Stadium are rooting for in the Super Big Game 50. Not realizing that they already painted one end zone already, they painted both end zones with the...
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